RM 2,000.00 / registration fee

This is per annum fee, to be renew every year.

Individuals and companies who are interested in distributing cipciptextile material and goods within your country can apply to become CipCip distributors, the distributor application form shall be send via email. Distributor application form must complete upon payment made, potential distributors can indicate the material and good you will like us to distribute and so on.

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The parties acknowledge that in the event they enter into any Transaction referencing a Distributor that is to be demised pursuant to a regulatory initiative to purchase goods & fabric Benchmark under cipciptextile. They agree to engage in good faith in the business proposal. Reference shall be made to prevailing market standards and practices following to our terms and conditions, including to our protocols. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the initial deposit shall be collect upon agree by both side.