Crepe Back Satin

Best material for Wedding Dress, Silhouettes, Met Gala. Suitable for Malays Wedding Dress or ‘Baju Melayu’. Cold and warm to wear. Discover the best of both worlds with a silky matte satin on one side and a crepe texture on the back. Crepe back satin fabrics are ideal for formal dresses as they are reversible and add a touch of class and style to any garment. From prom and bridal dresses, to the most adorable children outfit or a stunning evening gown, our crepe back satin collection will surely deliver the fabric you need to craft a project as unique as you are!

Opportunities are endless as you can use our crepe back satin fabrics to accent a garment or decorate it with beads or sequin to personalize them even more and make them more lavish than they already are. Discover the wide array of colors in our crepe back satin collection.