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Our Store Visit is by Appointment Basis Only

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To ensure your safety as well as our team, allow us to assist you prior to entering and please adhere to the following safety guidelines:

  • Operating hours – Monday to Friday from 10AM – 6PM
  • Saturday from 10AM to 2PM & Closed on Sunday
  • Store capacity – 8 peoples
  • Only fully vaccinated* individuals are allowed entry, please show your digital vaccination certificate on the MySejahtera app to our friendly staff.

Please read and follow the guidelines before making an appointment. We are collecting RM100/- a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit will be taken as acceptance of the following terms and conditions. Please ensure you have read and fully understand what is written below.

How to place the appointment? 

  1. Select date & time from the calendar page and proceed with checkout.
  2. Store is by appointment basis and deposit is needed for an appointment to avoid: mystery shopper, private investigator disturbed our daily business.
  3. This is NON-REFUNDABLE deposit.
  4. Kindly MAKE SURE to check first the materials on the website/what we sell before you place the appointment because we do not want to take your deposit and hear your complain after as the reason and store policy has been clearly notified. It’s always a good idea to do your own research and read reviews before making a booking.
  5. CIPCIPTEXTILE is a textile company that produces various types of embroidery fabrics, including high end beaded lace at most affordable price. We have a website where you can browse our products and survey material costs.
  6. Once appointment is confirmed and if you wish to change appointment time, (1) one time change is allowed to be made via WhatsApp chat.
  7. Store Location will be pin on WhatsApp upon we received your booking confirmation.

Why CIPCIPTEXTILE only accept appointment with deposit that non-refundable?

The deposit in Cipciptextile may be non-refundable to protect the company from losses that may occur if a customer cancels the booking after the company has already reserved the slot just for you. When a customer places booking online, the company may require a deposit to cover the cost of time, labor, and other expenses associated with producing the booking. If the customer cancels the booking after the company has reserved the time for you, the company may not be able to recover these time and may suffer a loss.

Therefore, the non-refundable deposit serves as a protection for the company, ensuring that they are compensated for the time and resources they have invested in fulfilling the booking. It also serves as a commitment for the customer to go through with the purchase, as we have already invested our time for your booking.

It is important for customers to carefully consider their decision before placing an order and making a deposit, and to communicate with the us if there are any issues or concerns that may affect your ability to follow through with the booking.

Most importantly, by taking an appointment our business able to avoid mystery shopper and private investigator because too many irrelevant questions was asked and also interrupted our working time.

NOTE : We DO NOT SELL/*TIDAK JUAL* : Border lace or Non Beaded lace.

We have successfully listed up to 1,200 products listing, in case you don’t know where to start, please WhatsApp  +6019-999-4311 our CS team will guide you through the searching and find the correct lace for you. If you agree to the above terms and conditions, please proceed the appointment with the deposit as below.

Management contact no. +6019-999-4311 / Email

  • Due to too many incidents happening with customers showing up late, missing in action, last minute cancellation and unresponsive messages after an appointment has been made. These bad incidents have directly affected our business as we can only take (7) seven appointments per day, too many back out appointments will be badly affected to our businesses.
  • We are located at area batu caves, the premises came in 1,500sq.ft, according to KKM guidelines, we can only allow a maximum (8 persons in a store). Each appointment will only allow (1) hour per visit and to settle purchase and product viewing.
  • The deposit of RM100 will be treated as a credit to the customer. In addition to that, we will give a credit of RM20 in total of RM120 credit to the customer to use and buy cipciptextile material or to offset the invoice which the invoice must be RM500 or an above, Invoice below RM500, credit RM20 is not applicable to use. In case, customers do not want to buy anything, we allow the credit RM100/- to be kept for (1) months from the said date the customer has visited us, add on credit of RM20 only effective to be use on the same day of visit in store. Upon (1) month, customers yet to purchase anything, the deposit of RM100/- will be treated as ‘expired’ terms and NON-REFUNDABLE.
  • Please take note when you have booked the appointment time, the slot will be locked down only for you and your partners. If you miss the appointment time, so do we.

Please take note, our terms and conditions are not oppressed to any individual. CIPCIPTEXTILE is a legit business registered under E-Commerce businesses and any payment received via this site is legal. For customers that feel not okay, or do not agree to cipciptextile terms and conditions, you are not being force to buy or force to make appointment here.

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