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Our Store Visit is by Appointment Basis Only

Make an appointment with us today to ensure a safe and comfortable shopping experience for you and our team. To follow standard safety protocols, adhere to the guidelines mentioned below:

. (NON REFUNDABLE) Appointment Operation working hours are:

  • Monday to Friday from 9A.M to 4P.M
  • Friday store are closed for prayers time 1P.M to 2.30-P.M
  • Saturday from 9A.M to 2P.M, and
  • We are closed on Sundays
  • The store has a maximum capacity of 4-6 people at a time.


  1. This non-refundable deposit, the deposit will be applied towards your purchase at CIPCIPTEXTILE store and valid within 30 days of the appointment date.
  2. Our store is open as a courtesy to our customers, as we mainly operate online. If you plan to visit us, please review our terms and conditions and adhere to our store policy.
  3. In the event that your behavior deviates from the standards of manners decency and appropriateness, we must bring to your attention that this is unacceptable, we maintain the right to promptly request that you vacate our premises.
  4. For the safeguarding of our designs, we kindly request that you refrain from taking photos or videos inside our store to protect the confidentiality of our designs.
  5. Our valued guests are welcome to visit for one hour, with an option to extend up to 45 minutes if necessary. If you require more time to decide on your purchases, please notify our sales team. They will determine if an extension is possible based on the availability of the next appointment slot.

As a store owner, we encounter many challenges daily when serving our walk-in customers. One issue we face is criticism for our focus on selling fabric lace instead of offering a wider range of products that would require a larger cash flow. Unfortunately, some individuals do not appreciate our unique business model and may react with unfair treatment or bias. We have even experienced spying from competitors and disruptive behavior from neighboring establishments. Due to these difficulties, we have made the tough decision to limit in-store visits and prioritize online sales. For genuine customers wishing to purchase from us, we kindly request an upfront deposit to guarantee a smooth transaction. Our goal is to create a positive atmosphere that encourages our team to move forward without being hindered by negative feelings. We focus exclusively on fabric lace materials, and although we have communicated this clearly, a lack of survey participation has resulted in unhappy customers expressing their frustrations when they see our inventory in person. This begs the question: who is to blame? Please take the time to review our product list on our website before making an appointment.

Note: Please note that we do not sell border lace, patch lace, non-bead lace, satin, chiffon, printed silk, or mesh tulle.

If you agree to our terms and conditions, please proceed with your appointment by making the required deposit as per our previous instructions. We appreciate your cooperation in following our guidelines for a safe and smooth shopping experience. We look forward to seeing you at CIPCIPTEXTILE!

For inquiries and appointments, please contact our management team at +6019-999-4311 or email

We would like to inform our valued customers that the RM280 deposit serves as a credit reserved for the purchase of CIPCIPTEXTILE products. Should customers choose not to make a purchase during their visit, they are allowed to retain the RM280 credit for 30 days from the date of their visit. If no purchase is made within the designated 30-day period, the deposit will expire and become non-refundable.

It is important for our customers to understand that once an appointment has been scheduled, the time slot is exclusively reserved for them. In the event of a missed appointment, we regretfully will be unable to provide our services or accommodate the booking. We urge our customers to appreciate the significance of arriving promptly for their scheduled appointments, as our ability to deliver personalized and effective service is reliant on punctuality. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation and look forward to serving you at CIPCIPTEXTILE.

Please note that our terms and conditions are in place to ensure compliance with all relevant laws and regulations, rather than to restrict individuals. As a legally registered business operating within the parameters of E-commerce laws, all transactions conducted through our platform adhere to legal and transparent practices. Our business operations are conducted in strict accordance with regulatory guidelines, demonstrating our commitment to professionalism and ethical conduct in all transactions.

Customer feedback is highly valued, and we understand that there may be occasions where opinions do not align with our terms and conditions. We want to emphasize that we do not exert pressure on customers to make purchases or appointments with us. Our primary objective is to provide exceptional service and premium products that exceed customer expectations, showcasing our appreciation and respect for their patronage.

Rest assured, CIPCIPTEXTILE operates with a steadfast dedication to legality and ethical standards. Our priority is to build trust and credibility with our customers, ensuring that their needs are our utmost priority. We are thankful for our customers’ support and eagerly anticipate the opportunity to continue serving them.

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